Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hypomania? What's that?

Recently, I have been told that I have Bipolar 2. It is confusing to me. Anyway, I have been having a very severe depression since mid-January and never thought this would happen again to me. Well, I guess there is still a lot to learn. I am taking medication and have a new therapist.

This morning I woke up and resisted my addiction to Netflix. It is okay to watch some movies, but I have been using it obsessively to escape a fear of loneliness. I AM not alone! You aren't either. Don't isolate. I am deciding not to anymore.

I felt a surge of energy and know that I need to harness it in and NOT run around or talk or even write obsessively or I may take a nosedive back into this severe depression which is so awful.

All my reaching out for help is paying off. Now, I am helping myself again. That is the key. You must ask yourself "What do I want?" and also give to yourself; be your own best friend.

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