Sunday, May 15, 2011

Drinking and Thinking

I am drinking my morning coffee and thinking...I need to be creative like one needs air to breathe.

I want to not only write again (journal and focus on my memoir), but also paint on a canvas. Thank you Kate for inspiring me and complimenting me about my writing. It helped my self-confidence.

My first painting will be the semi-abstract (perhaps there is a better term for this) from a small painting I did when I had my mini-stroke in February of 2004. I will post it here when I find my camera. I adore trees. I had a bad case of asthma as a child and when I learned that trees gave off oxygen I developed a great love for them. The IV was my tree inside the hospital. The painting is of me hooked up to the IV, my head facing the outside window with the geometric curtains drawn.

The house is disaster-ville right now.

I wish I could drive to my friend Kate's house in Alfred and learn to paint from her. She is so talented! Kate - If you would feel comfortable with this, I would love to come visit you. Anyway, I think I will paint in acrylics. Although, oils appeal to me because they are natural, I have heard that it is harder since you cannot paint over oils, but you can with acrylics. Any suggestions Kate or anyone else?

Oh yeah, and then there is the expense. I recently bought a fish tank and though it was on sale, I also had to purchase a heater, some gravel...haven't gotten any decorations or the fish yet. I am on a medical sabbatical and my salary is almost halved right now.

I feel so happy right now thinking of writing and painting again. I am drinking and thinking and happy.

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