Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yes, Elation and This Blog Are Active Again!

Meesh and I met and I sat beside him and watched as he tinkered on refining the structure of Elation on AutoCad. We were focusing on simplifying the design by using only one spiral that is the ramp leading to the upper structure. Yet, as we talked and talked, he copied and reversed the existing spiral and it formed an "S" shape with the eye in the center. At that "aha" moment, we both knew that we needed the two spirals. AutoCad is a fascinating program to me with its pulled lines, squares, rectangles, dots, and various colors to codify, etc. It moves the design and adjusts as the one inputting creates. By discussing my inner vision and experience with depression, Meesh brings his artistic ideas and knowledge of architecture and AutoCad to sculpt Elation on the computer. It is truly fascinating to go from original concept to a rendering of a design that is able to be constructed. We are using the original concept I have had for Elation and through my rudimentary drawings and Meesh's knowledge of building -- what is and is not possible (materials, height, width, other dimensions)...this project is becoming real. We are out of the "DREAMING STAGE" and into a "REFINING/DECISION-MAKING STAGE." If you want to see the inspiration for this design, go to and look at the opening scene to the trailer "Vertigo". Watch the spiraling shape inside of the eye. You may view the spiraling "S" that comes out of the eye - the driving element in the structuring of "Elation."

I will begin posting photos as soon as possible.

I am reviewing my blog posts, running them off and editing them. Meesh is working on converting a 2-D design on Auto-Cad into a 3-D one.

We are putting together a collective to include 1) a theatrical sound person, 2) a filmmaker/photographer/editor and 3) an internet/marketing person to realize this project.

We are actively pursuing grant money and/or a benefactor to fund it.

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Wanderer62 said...

Way to go Nancy and Meesh! The whole process sounds very interesting. I'm eager to see some photographs. Keep it coming!

Kate : )