Saturday, January 3, 2009

Taking Pics of Drawings

Met with Meesh and we talked and talked and he tweaked the design for Elation. It was so fascinating to discover the pattern of an "S" shape and that the circle above is more an "OVAL" shape - more like the shape of an eye.

I have had this gnawing feeling of the ying yang symbol and that it is related to the central shape of Elation. So, I drew the best ying yang from memory and I discovered that it was the empty space inside the "S".

The fact is that I sense that this creation of Elation has taken form due to an inner reality of "darkness" and "light" or "depression" versus "elation" and that it is integral to life.

Now to the practical side of this creative process of which Meesh is the driving force...I have a low frustration level for technology that doesn't work right away. I tried to photograph the drawings Meesh did and the flash of the camera was so strong that the pic ended up being all white and no drawing. UGGGHH!

Today, I'll go step by step with the camera manual and figure out how to deal with the flash problem. So, again...please stand by ... experiencing technical difficulties.


Wanderer62 said...

Hi Nancy,

Did you figure out how to take pictures without the flash? I, too, had to figure that out with my camera, but once you know it becomes no problem.

I think the yin/yang symbol definitely reflects what you are trying to do. The symbol itself seems self explanatory, but the concept is pretty subtle. Yes darkness and light, but then there's all the subtle grays in between, each made up of differing amounts of light and dark, each a different kind of balance.

I'm looking forward to seeing the drawings.


nancy said...

Hi Kate,

Yeah. I have been a little under the weather and just back at I haven't figured out the flash thing on the camera yet. I will put aside some time for that this weekend. I am also writing more about my studies in Paris, about becoming a mime. Nice to hear from you again.

How's the painting going?