Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Psychedelic Elephant and Sensory Realization

This is my painting of the Psychedelic Elephant.This is the image that will be painted on the fabric in the red mesh tent, womb-like space underneath the wood platform of "Elation with the sound of a pulsating heartbeat.
I had hoped to post my rough drawing of the outer and inner piece already, yet I no longer have the borrowed camera and have not yet bought one of my own. A camera at my disposal is necessary for me to stretch my abilities in using photography so that I may post more on this blog.
Meesh and I have set January 10th as the date to hand in the proposal to Socrates and I wish to stick to this plan, even though January 26th is the final date allowable.
I have found that deadlines help me to handle time better and if I procrastinate for whatever reason...I am, however, particuarly good at staying on-task when I set a task.
Inspiration may come at any moment for me. My true struggle is to set up times to get things done. That is my goal to hand in the proposal by the 10th. That means writing and that means posting a blueprint-type drawing here and with Meesh's help a more accurate one with a software program...I think the name is AutoCad.
I would also like to continue a line of thinking. I believe this structure is a sensory realization I have of the human body's sense of balance. I already stated that I suffered a chiro-stroke in 2004 and had to learn to walk again...that it was re-learning to balance. My intuition has been telling me that the sculpture I am creating is an externalization of an inner reality - perhaps of the inner ear system.


Wanderer62 said...

Hi Nancy,

That's fascinating that your sculpture might be a kind of visual/experiential expression of the inner ear system and hence be about balance. Elation really is a kind of finely tuned balance which is joy to experience.

I have faith that you will get what needs to be done, done and with some time to spare. I'm glad you have Meesh to work with.

Hope you are having a good holiday,

Kate : )

nancy said...

Hi Kate (Wanderer62),

Glad to hear from you!

And, yes...I can' believe after all this time it has struck a "stroke" that maybe the sculpture is something I feel inwardly and am externalizing.

Well...I don't want to get too analytical. I think art speaks differently to each person and comes from some source. Elation - my experience and vision and also the interaction with those who have been commenting and talking to me about this creation.

Thanks for commenting.