Monday, January 12, 2009

Here Are Some Drawings for Elation and My Candy Cane

This is only a two-dimensional drawing, yet it is very important that it is "S" shaped. The shape of the upper platform is actually an oval, not a circle as Meesh and I originally thought. The middle, blocked-out part is where the oval will be. The entire structure will be of wood.

This is a photo of the cane. It is an artifact of my stroke and a very serious depression that followed. I painted it after my mini-stroke to help me feel joy and to recover. I didn't want pity and I didn't want to feel disabled. I was first in a wheelchair, then a walker and then, with a cane when I returned to work. I was confident that I would walk again. Painting the cane into a candy cane was my joke and my way of hope after my stroke in 2004. I don't need it anymore. It is an artifact of the stroke of 2004. I suffered a horrible depression when I realized that I was left with a vertigo/balance problem, sensation loss and a 50-60 lb weight gain, new obstacles to overcome.

This drawing represents the basic idea of ELATION - an incline going up to a round platform above and then a decline back down. However, as Meesh and I discussed, people will decide which way to go up and come down and when. The space above is where life goes on and people walk or dance in a circle to some music. The partitions with the arrows are there to indicate the "womb-like" space - a red, mesh tent that is underneath the round platform. The tent needs to be stretched to enter. Inside, will be a billowy, soft space with rounded benches to sit on for those who want to enter. A low decimal, pulsing heartbeat will be heard here.


Wanderer62 said...

Hi Nancy,

Elation is looking good. Why so quiet lately? Have you still set a deadline? How's Meesh?


nancy said...

Hi Kate,

Thanks for the compliment. That is a funny question to ask a former mime! I do have a deadline for the 25th and the actual one is th 26th. Meesh is going to meet with me soon and we are going over the final sketches and...I have been getting up to speed with the technology. It has just been really busy lately, but I am very happy and hope to speak to you soon.

Take Care (hope you are staying warm and painting?)