Monday, January 26, 2009

Dead line for Socrates is Postponed

The deadline for proposals to Socrates Sculpture Park is postponed. It was a relief to get their email. I still would have submitted a proposal, but it is nice to have more time to prepare it. I would have had to rush and it was stressful since I have been busy with work and getting my Marceau piece in the proper format to send out to publish.

I continue to learn more about technology, its plus-es and minus-es. The plus-es are it's quick, fun and there is a wealth of information. The biggest minus is that it can be so addictive and waste time. I will definitely not get into sending people flowers and fish and whatever out of guilt about saving the planet or that I haven't responded to a friend on facebook.

I need my focus and to sift through the information highway. So, I have begun meditating again and it is amazing how much more aware I have become. Meditation is a wonderful tool to filter out negativity.


ACDesign said...

I have been contemplating the idea of meditation. I am a very anxious person who has to have a project at all times. I never sit to watch TV for more than 1 hour:) Anyway, let me know how the meditation goes and if you have a chance, check out my sites:

Wanderer62 said...

Hi Nancy,

That's great that you've returned to meditating and also that you have more time to work on your proposal. Are you getting some daily exercise? I am and I think it is helping me with my depression.


nancy said...

AC Design,

I used to meditate and have a group meeting at my home now that I am kind of guiding. So, it is not new, but I let it go unfortunately for too long. It is an amazing tool for anxiousness - the problem is to resist having to get up and move and to realize you can be still, even for a short time. I highly recommend it and I will definitely visit your site. Thank you for visiting my mine.


In answer to your question, I am walking more and the awareness that goes along with meditation is helping me to relax more and focus more. And, I can re-examine my proposal to Socrates Sculpture Park. My next step is to build a miniature model of it. Meesh suggested a 3-dimensional piece would help, because it is complex to imagine it larger from a drawing on paper.

So glad that the depression is lifting for you. I know that exercise definitely helps to get those endorphins to kick in.