Thursday, January 29, 2009

Creating a Three-Dimensional Model for Elation

This week, I am planning to create a three-dimensional model of Elation. Meesh and I agreed that, at this point, it is important to see how the actual proportions of the design will come together.

I will go to a crafts supply store today (thinking popsicle sticks and glue) and perhaps a fabric store also for the red mesh tent material. Making diaramas was one of my favorite projects when I was in school -- creating a whole world in a shoe-box. This is a bit more complex.

So, I have this idea of the fun of doing this and not that it is an arduous task figuring out dimensions, etc. This is my approach to it--to enjoy the process.


Marco Crupi said...

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nancy said...

Hi Marco,

I am not sure exactly how to do the link exchange, but I do agree to do it. I am still learning about technology and so I will try. The photo you posted is very interesting - the mood - the green contrast to the tones of black and greys and white - beautiful!

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