Friday, December 19, 2008

The Weather Outside is Frightful, But I Find it So Delightful...Let it Snow...let it snow...let it snow

First the snow was pure and light, then it got icy and wet...and I wanted to stay inside and let it snow.

I got cabin fever. Went out and walked on the ice and stepped into puddles...had two Chai teas...bought some gifts and I feel "Oh so delightful"

Staying inside was isolating and now I am glad to be back.

Guess I am not so much of a homebody...
Guess because I was born on Columbus Day I'm on a continual search to discover something.
Guess Columbus really wasn't so nice a discoverer. He raped and pillaged.
Guess it doesn't matter when you are born.
Guess I overthink things.
So I have been told.
Anyway, I am set to discover because it is a habit I don't want to break.
It isn't my fault I was born on Columbus Day.
I like looking around. So, I will continue doing it.

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