Sunday, December 21, 2008

Elation - Exposed...Or Not

The question running through my mind now is................................
"Should Elation have an umbrella to protect against the elements or should it just be exposed?"

Noguchi wanted his outdoor sculptures to be uncovered and exposed to the weather. A natural process occurs. I would like to follow his example. My thinking is that the metaphor above is "participating in life" and that means "dealing with many conditions, including the elements of sun, rain, sleet, snow...etc." That is part of human existence and the life of animals and plants to be exposed to the elements. Some birds may fly south for the winter and as one of my nieces, only eight years old stated,

"Yeah. I know what migrate means. It's like what grandma does in the winter. She goes down to Florida."

Many of us put on coats, open umbrellas, etc. So, I believe the correct way to execute this design is to get rid of an umbrella that is already there to protect. The humans can bring umbrellas or raincoats, etc. and still enjoy and experience elation. Other life forms like birds and squirrels will experience the sculpture also. I wonder if they enjoy Socrates as much as I do and look forward to the next structures to be built?

The first video on migration is a commercial - nice visuals. The second is my favorite - the migration of peoples and animals filmed in 1925 before t.v. was invented. A first glimpse to see a tribe of people moving as a group to a warmer climate. We meet the cameraman, writer and director. Time travel....

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