Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Got It!!!

The structure of Elation is almost completely set. I am working on it with my friend/architect/carpenter - Meesh.

Sunday, we walked and walked and talked and talked and inhaled the air and water and earth at Socrates Sculpture Park and talked about all the sculptures currently there. Meesh walked to measure the entire space and I observed the sculptures and where the best spot was for Elation.

Meesh drew some sketches and we talked some more about it (Elation) not being completely there. How would someone slide into the hole? What would the slide be made of?

Then, poof!!! Sunday night I couldn't sleep. How would it be possible to continue the aesthetic in my mind and yet get people from the top structure of elation and slide into the "hole of depression". There'd be a bump...a lump...not very well-executed, not very aesthetic... and the answer was... so simple!

Click. Click, click. There is no slide!

The underneath part of the main circular structure is the womb-like hole of depression. It will have a skirt-like tent. Two ramps of the wooden spiral will come from opposing directions leading up to the main circular, elevated piece. All of this is in wood.

There will be an umbrella attached to a wooden pole; it will protect the structure from the elements and have a ying-yang elephant motif.

The main concept of Elation is the 3D sculpture from Vertigo...what I have been referring to as an open ying-yang symbol.

I don't know if this is understandable to those who have been following this blog for a while. It might not be explained clearly enough. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. So ... I will post a diagram as soon as I can.

Look at the symbol of Vertigo that comes out of the actress's eye. That is it! It shows the left and right spiral. That is the inspiration that pulled it all together.

This is so exhilarating!!!

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