Sunday, December 14, 2008

Posting Some Poetry

Since I won't meet Meesh until 2pm today, I thought I'd post some poetry - two poems and wait to speak more about Elation.

One is specifically dedicated to my group of new friends who have suffered from chiro strokes. We need to slow down to heal and it was very difficult and is also not me by nature. I have been told that this poem is relevant to many. I am in the process of writing a fable whose main character is Barry Bertlebaum, a turtle who moves very fast. He will learn to slow down and so actually this poem is about Barry, the turtle. It is also dedicated to Robert Frost whose poetry has had a great influence on my life.

I am a Turtle Named Bertlebaum
(Ode to Robert Frost)
I am a turtle. That's true.
I am green.
Slowly, I move through the grass with muddy feet and a determined gait.
I took the "road less traveled",
The distance was not so obvious,
The result is who I have become.
And though I may be thought odd,
I prefer to keep walking at this rhythm,
Not fitting in with the crowd.
I have this tough, patterned shell that helps me to camouflage,
Its surface serves as a home,
So I can stroll and not worry when or where to rest my drooping head.
I keep going though it may be imperceptible to other eyes,
My tai chi pace is deadly,
The strength it takes is not noticeable to many.
A rat race?
I enter and stay steady,
I am not striving to compete.
And after all the movement and balance on this shaky terrain,
The amount of ground covered may seem so tiny to some,
Yet, if I fall, I will be able to recover.
Will the rat? if this is your way,
Speed may seem a need.
I have found it's not the pace, but the deed,
For I know the distance I've traveled in my mind,
And "it has made all the difference."
2nd poem:
What Is There To Eat?
Take a knife,
Spread me out,
A melted face.
I am sandwiched between his
Ryebread jokes and
Your wholewheat lies.

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