Saturday, December 13, 2008

Recovering Balance

This Sunday I will go to Socrates Sculpture Park to work on the design for ELATION with Meesh who has the knowledge of carpentry and construction and who is also very creative. He will help to create a kind of blueprint of ELATION.

I will post what I can here.

I have been lucky to find other people who unfortunately suffered from chiro strokes, as I did.

Previously, I posted some videos from Alfred Hitchcock's classic "Vertigo" and was struck by the open ying-yang-like symbol representing vertigo. I had a terrible vertigo, right before my stroke. I am not a scientist, however, I know spiraling is part of the inner ear system. The design of ELATION probably is my need for - an outer expression - of an inner understanding - of this system.

Learning to walk again is an amazing balancing act. There is a constant shifting of weight. Marcel Marceau often had us walking around in a circle to do what he called a simple "mime walk". I remember him saying that it was very powerful on the stage - a simple walk.

In life, walking is very powerful too. For anyone who has lost this ability and re-gained it, as I did, we understand the miracle of being able to walk. I was first in a wheelchair, then with a walker, a cane and now without a cane. I still do deal with issues of balance. Others may not see, but I want more balance.

I am posting tightrope walking, because that is how it felt to learn to walk again.

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