Monday, November 17, 2008

Revamping Idea For Structure of Elation

I will try to make this simple.

I met last night with Meesh, who will help me make a drawing of Elation, but I need to make the rough picture first. So...try to picture this.....

A wooden structure elevated about 5 feet off the ground. 4 Large wooden logs thick in diameter to hold the entire piece. Still...remember...all in wood the structure's pathway to walk upon will spiral around about three times to a platform circle that is vertical, wide enough and large enough to hold about 10 people. So...the structure is a large spiral going up and going down.

The hole will be a separate structure underneath the wooden spiral. It will be a large concave piece, yet enclosed...somewhat like a wok used for cooking. The hole will be large enough only for one average-sized human being to enter. There will be a top that can lock up the hole when not in use.

The picture I am posting here is of a small sculpture of a spiral I saw at the informational meeting at Socrates Sculpture Park. It is not of wood. I am posting it to help one visualize the spiral. Please come back as I will eventually post in more and more detail as I can.

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