Saturday, November 15, 2008

Psychedelic Elephant is the form for Elation

ELATION will be in the form of playground equipment with a trunk spiraling slide that empties into a mound, with a hole. The watercolor and ink drawing is the inspiration for the wooden playground equipment -like sculpture. The hole will not be under the ground, but the slide will deposit individuals into a concave structure underneath.

ELATION will be made of wood, not metal, but painted bright colors in some areas such as the ears and trunk, with some purple dots. I want a certain harmony and aesthetic, so it will not be a clunky-looking pachyderm. I want the spiral to be an integral part of the sculpture and the fact that it is a playground-type equipment, secondary. The natural wood will be visible and in harmony with its surroundings, yet some outlining and bright colors will show it is the form of an elephant.

The slide (the trunk of the elephant) will spill into a hole above ground, a mound, similar to a piece of clay when thrown on a wheel to make a indent that becomes a hole...and yet only one person may go in this narrow hole at a time. I haven't figured out the exit from the hole. Will there be an open space from the womb-like pillowy and soft hollow? Will the person have to crawl back out from the trunk? Will there be a choice? Anyway...only socks may be worn to slide into the hollow or it would get very dirty and unsanitary.

Please feel free to comment on these ideas.


controlled chaos said...
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controlled chaos said...

Sorry about deleting my comment, it was done in a moment of stupidity and I was actually trying to ask you what elation was...Like I said, moment of stupidity.
But I really do like the concept of you spreading choosing joy over sadness.

nancy said...

Hi controlled chaos,

Cool Name! Well...the idea of elation is evolving. I just met with Meesh, who will help with the construction. So...if you are confused it is because it is not completely clear even to me. Please keep coming back as I will post pics and eventually something resemblant of a blueprint. The basic idea is a spiraling into and out of a depression to joy (elation). Elation is what I have named the sculpture I am planning to create. Hope that suffices for now.

Anonymous said...

I like the elephant idea for Elation. They're animals led by a matriarchy, hence the playground theme seems to fit perfectly with this biological fact concerning pachyderms.

Chris B. said...

Great idea, Nancy!


Chris said...

Hey Nancy,

I'm posting another comment because I do so love your idea for Elation.

You're created, gifted, and I'm happy to know you.

nancy said...

Thanks. I didn't know that elephants were led by a matriarchy. The psychedelic elephant painting has a story behind it that illuminates this even more. I had to look at the abstract I created and lo and behold I saw an elephant...don't know about the purple polka dots though.

You have known about this project from the very beginning and even helped me rename it form Depress Shun. Your input is so important to me. Thanks!