Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Music of the Idan Raichal Project and Elation

It is elating to me to hear music that is beautiful, that also connects people from different cultures. The Idan Raichal Project does just that. You can hear Hebrew, Arabic, Indian Languages, African Chants all together.

The project is ongoing and is a networking of musician friends of the Israeli-born Idan Raichal. I would like to have some of his music, such as, BOEE, to play above the hole in Elation.

The music is representative of joining the interaction of the world above the womb-like hole. Perhaps we need time to isolate or to hide, yet eventually we need to emerge and join others in the world. The people who walk or dance around the upper spiral will have music to inspire their movement and the person below will hear the music, much the same as in isolation, we hear the world outside.

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