Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Main Idea of Elation and the Music???

The main idea of Elation is to choose joy over sorrow and...if you don't know that you are choosing sorrow and going into a hole of despair...to become aware that you can get out of the hole and join the world above.

Isolating is common in depressions. There may be fears. A need to feel safe. A desire to feel that you are protected, like being back in the womb.

However, if we isolate for too long, we may get stuck.

I learned how to battle my way out after my body chemistry had changed. There were times where it was so difficult. I had to stop listening to my emotions and trust my intellect, doctors and the wisdom of others to see the positive in me and in my life. It is difficult for me to revisit the past, but that is what I am doing visiting -- not staying there.

The sculpture is meant to help represent the experience of going into and then out of a depression. Once when I was severely depressed and hospitalized, I was walking around in circles with my friend Carol. We were commiserating about all our problems. We were allowed to be outside and so we walked around and around in a circle. I knew that exercise was supposed to help you get out of a depression. The exercise is supposed to release chemicals called endorphins. However, I remember saying to Carol - "I feel like we are going around and around and making a hole in the ground." We laughed. This image and experience stayed with me when I got well and is the "seed" for the idea of the sculpture.

I will allow the ideas to grow and post more photos this weekend.

I have put up videos by Idan Raichal before. However, I was listening to some prizm-like choir chanting as I drove back from a food shopping. Tears came to my eyes and I felt uplifted. Ahhh. Bach....Brahms... Have youtubed the music of Bach many times...so since I am not sure of the piece...I'll post some Brahms.


Wanderer62 said...

Hi Nancy,

I can really identify with this project. I am in that stuck, depressed state, but not entirely. I still hope and even strive for elation--freedom from the blues.

The image of walking in circles and making a depression in the earth as a result of a depression of the heart and mind is powerful. Outer reflecting the inner world and making the action symbolic.

Kate : )

nancy said...

Hi Kate,

Thank you so much for your comment. It helps to know an idea resounds with others. It is based on my experience and knowledge, yet it appears that "getting down" "getting depressed" has some common elements with whomever has felt it.