Friday, November 21, 2008

Elated and It Feels So Good!

I am elated. I am elated about ELATION.

Today, I called and spoke to a staff member at Socrates Sculpture Park. I had a couple of questions I wanted answered before writing my proposal for this project. I was happily
surprised to get my questions answered and to be so encouraged by this staff member.

In the past, I would have "sat on the fence" too long about an idea. I would make many reasons not to inquire, not to get the information I needed. This was due to the fact that I lacked confidence.

I am so elated, because I stepped on my fear and acted. I think many people second-guess themselves and do not act. Sometimes there are so many assumptions and rather than take
a risk and find out...people don't try. This is not the way to move forward.

Negativity is about non-action, not believing, not having desires become real.

Elation is one great possibility by stepping on fear and acting. Try it!

I will post some modified drawings by a friend who is well-versed in construction with wood
and other materials. Soon I will have a new photo up with a much more realistic structure for ELATION.

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