Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Loneliness - Sliding into the Hole

I am refining the design of Elation based upon the photos I've taken and the information from the meeting at Socrates.

The sculpture will still be of wood. However, the design, similar to the spiral on a smaller scale akin to the Guggenheim, will include the bottom decline forming a slide into the "hole of depression". The hole will be able to be slid into only certain times (for safety reasons - Socrates is cautious about enclosed spaces within sculptures"). At other times the hole will be locked.

Still, the hole is a comfy, womb-like place. It has poofy pillows and yet it is isolating. You must take off your shoes. If people with shoes on were allowed in, it would get so dirty. The rule I want to make is that only one person at a time may enter. This is to simulate isolation within a depression - comfortable at first, but a disconnect with others and the outside world. I will make a sketch of this new idea.

The new photo is a small sculpture at Socrates. Elation will also be a spiral.

The hole. Should it be a bit below ground, which would mean digging at Socrates? There is cement below the ground at Socrates...not very womb-like. So, perhaps the hole will be a under the end of the slide but a large, round spiral upon the grass that is enclosed.


Chris B. said...

Hi Nancy,

All good ideas for Elation!


Darlene said...

Hi Nancy!

Thanks so much for visiting my site and your kind words :)

I'm not at all artistic but wish I were, lol. We have a couple of artists in our family and I greatly admire their ability. I just wonder why I wasn't included when those gifts were handed out:)

I agree with Chris and look forward to more of your posts.

It will be interesting where you decide to put that hole :)

nancy said...


Thanks for your comment!


nancy said...


I will visit your site again for recipes. I think many people use creativity in their lives and call it something else. Maybe you do as a cook.

Thank you for your comments on Elation. I will continue to be posting photos and my process in developing Elation.