Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Hole and the Womb

A new fable...just kidding.

In developing the structure for Elation I am thinking of playground equipment (made of wood) with a slide. However, the slide will empty into a hole, an enclosed womb-like area (pillowy and soft)...maybe not too deep - but deep enough. Forgive me if this gets repetitive sometimes as I am mulling over the ideas often.

I will try to focus on the hole. I think the slide should spiral around like in this playground equipment, but more so...more spiraling, until it empties to underneath the wooden platform above. The hole, I think, will be a few feet in diameter and deep enough to more around in and feel underground. I imagine a pothole kind of cover that may allow the hole to be locked. This is because of the need to supervise peoples' experience in the hole and also for the bad weather such as rain and snow.

At the informational meeting, Socrates Sculpture Park staff cautioned about the creation of structures with enclosed spaces. Socrates has had experience with people doing "naughty things" in the enclosed spaces.

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