Thursday, November 6, 2008

Music and the Psychedelic Elephant

Like most homes there were times where my parents and my brother and sisters and I argued. I, perhaps, not like everyone, was afraid of some arguments - especially the ones my parents had.

So, I'd retreat to my lavendar room. This usually happened at night when it was very dark. I would lie down and didn't want to cry. I felt paralyzed and alone. So, I discovered a game. Within the darkness are little sparks of light - green, yellow, red, blue, etc. I would tell myself not to blink and stare and stare and stare. After a while my eyes would tear and the sparks became these beautiful living watercolor paintings.

I started doing this at 8 years old and didn't share it with anyone. I was afraid they would make fun of me and that it wouldn't work anymore. However, at about 12 years old in art class there was an assignment. Put lots of water on the watercolor paper. Then, put whatever colors you want. Then, let it dry. Then, ask yourself...what do I see? I saw a psychedelic elephant. Now, the art teacher told us to use the ink and pen to define what we saw.

The music in the Elation project will be coming out from speakers on the wooden walls in the circle or spiral around which people may walk or dance. I found a gospel version of "Adon Olam" a beautiful, spiraling melody that always fills me with joy. I hope it lifts your spirits too.

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Wanderer62 said...

I love the story of the sparks. I'm sorry now that I didn't work on illustrating your story after you sent it to me. Not sure how to illustrate a children's story or how to paint sparks, but I'm going to think about it. I'm glad you told this story Nancy. I wish I could get audio/visual on my computer. I'm only getting a partial feel of your blog this way. Maybe tomorrow I will try to fix this problem. I'm just afraid of messing up my computer. I rely on it to keep in touch with others. I'm so glad you got a camera!