Tuesday, October 28, 2008

PLEASE STAND BY - We are experiencing Technical Difficulties

As I am new to the digital camera ... there was a problem. I got pics taken, but the battery died and I have to learn also to upload the photos to the blog.

So...stand by please and I will probably be able to post them by Friday or Saturday of this week.

So...this is part of the process. As speedy as typing and putting up videos from youtube and photos from flickr has become for me...reality - the human part of this whole process - takes time.

Time. This concept is HUGE. Time can feel like it is running away...ticking with no end in sight...putting on pressure...or hopefully more often than not...used wisely. So...I will have to wait and post what is relevant to "Elation" until the photos appear on this blog and I learn to
use the digital camera more effectively.

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