Saturday, October 25, 2008

Making a Commitment to Myself

Commitment is usually thought of as something made to another person. This is a commitment I am making to myself. I want to focus on "Elation" in this blog, exclusively. I have been trying to commit ... and even though what I post may relate to it ... I am getting diverted.

So ... I am committing now to focus exclusively on this project. If not, I may get sidetracked and I must send out a proposal to Socrates Sculpture Park by January. In November, there is a meeting of prospective artists who want to create pieces to show there.

This Sunday, I am going to a talk by an author at the BEAUTIFUL Noguchi Museum . The talk is about his book on the ex-wife of Noguchi, a Japanese actress.

Before and possibly after the talk, I will take many photos of Socrates Sculpture Park, at Grant Park and in Flushing Meadow Park.

My next task will be to post them on this blog. They are part of what is continuing to form the structure of "Elation" in my mind. I am very excited by this task. So, in the next post, I plan to put up will be of photographs from Sunday's outing.

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Chris B. said...

HI Nancy,

I'd love to see the photos you took on your outing. I've been to Socrates Sculpture Park, it's a gem in Long Island City.

Good luck with Elation!