Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Investing In Loss

No. I am not talking about money. I am talking about life.
Without reflection there cannot be understanding.
If you invest in loss - what you believe you lost - you will gain in insight.
I am not really trying to be pat about this concept.

I have been a risk-taker and yet ... I lost the ability to have reverence for structure.
Therefore, I am always looking for it. I have a gazillion ideas and I need to harness
my wild, unharnessed spirit to settle down and make a plan. ugh! My ego hates that.

So...we can stay focused on the problems of others. We can get caught up in dramas...or
we can reflect on what action to take for ourselves.

"What happened?" We can ask ourselves and explore.

Some of us are pointing the finger at others. Some of us are mired in our own negativity and feeling stuck. Whatever helps us to "wake up" and focus on our joy, will guide us in our daily lives. Whenever we increase our awareness, we are investing in loss I think. Time doesn't stop to think ... so we must or we continue patterns without awareness.

Oh, yeah. A bit of a sense of humor never hurts. Go check out Wendy Molyneux's blog: for a good laugh.

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