Saturday, July 12, 2008

What do you hear in the Quiet of your Mind?

When it is very quiet...what do you hear in your mind?

If it is something like this..."You are all alone. Oh, no. Now what. I am so stupid. Can't I think of something to do. Am I that needy? I am so disorganized. I will never ....blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...."

Watch out! This is why you don't want to be alone. You are beating yourself up. Be compassionate. Be your own best friend. Sound silly? Corny? It isn't. It is the key to peace and quieting your mind.

I have written about the difference of being lonely and alone. Human beings experience both. If you feel lonely, maybe you do need to seek out the company of others. Make a plan. Take a walk. Call a friend, a family member. Go to see some art or hear some music. Even if you are walking don't have to feel lonely. Others are there too. You can talk to a stranger. I do it all the time. Take the courage to ask the time. Make a comment. A joke? People are social beings and we somehow can help eachother feel less alone.

I remember when my kids were young. I was always on call. A working mother. I craved solitude and enjoyed being alone so much. So this is also possible. To crave to be alone. When I write ... I love to be on the boardwalk at the beach. The ocean, the wind and sand are all I need to be inspired to write and all the worries or whatever is on my mind...washes away with the waves.

Meditation is also an excellent way to quiet the mind. I do believe there is a way to find peace in spite of any anxieties. When very much in pain, I remember it was so difficult to sit and hear my thoughts. I was cruel to myself. That is why, I say now...."Be your own best friend."

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