Thursday, July 10, 2008

Lonely Pix at an Exhibition

I read a piece by the writer, Mark Blickley entitled "Lying the Truth". You may find it online at Click on the picture and look for Mark Blickley.

In the piece a man on a military leave is experiencing a nervous breakdown and there is a reference to Emerson, Lake and Palmer's musical rendition of "Pictures at an Exhibition" and so I youtubed it and listened.

Music and visuals in the world affect us all the time. I know they can affect our mood, especially if we are in a dark mood. In the piece Elation, music is representative of the life above...the joy in the world that the isolated individual in the "HOLE" is missing out on.

Listen to "Pictures at an Exhibition" and read Mark Blickley's writing. The human condition includes joy and sadness and ELATION will resound in those who participate as becoming part of this sculpture.

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