Monday, July 7, 2008

Music in Elation

Music seems to change the focus in our emotional life. I have noticed again lately that being stuck is similar to a repetitive piece of music or the skipping of a cd. We become locked in to a kind of thinking. We don't think we can break out, so we don't.

So...sometimes it demands an effort to change. The motivation is not there. The music or repetitive thoughts are negative and are so strongly influencing us that the body does not want to move. We are locked into a time of non-movement. It is a kind of paralysis of the mind really and yet we react by not taking action.

Have you seen a squirrel frozen in the middle of the street as a car is coming straight in front of it? What does the squirrel do? Acts like s/he is dead already. A statue. Not of joy...of paralyzed fear.

In the installation, music will be ever present changing from one melody to another. The people above moving around in a circle. The person in the hole is isolated ... frozen like the squirrel, yet s/he always has the option to make an effort to join the living again.

Life may get intensely difficult to bear at times. Traumas, deaths, illnesses, all sorts of dysfunctioning...but if we remember to hear the positive thoughts and melodies ... we will find joy again and will have gained great insight. No pain - no gain!


hellophotokitty said...

yes yes
I'm working on that right now
thank you for reminding me.
I'm going to print this out and put it where I can read it every day

nancy said...


i am sooooo glad this post "spoke" to you. Thanks for your post and...with all your talent and experience with is so important to still find the joy! Been there...i know the struggle.