Saturday, July 5, 2008

Noguchi - Amazing!!!

It floods my heart and spills from my eyes as the hole that bubbles up from the stone sculpture of Noguchi. During work on his last project he passed away. The Japanese architect who worked on it with him said, "Noguchi was refreshing like the wind and I never thought he would pass on."

Noguchi was and still is a great inspiration for the project "Elation". The last video is of a stone sculpture and water. This, among other thoughts, is what caused me to write the first line in this post.


Wanderer62 said...


I just checked out the Noguchi Museum online. Wow, he was so versatile. You can search his pieces by medium, so I chose wood and looked at several of his sculptures. I would love to go into a Japanese garden designed by him or any architectural like space. Is the museum impressive that way? Are there particular pieces that have inspired you and what are they?

Still no video for me...


nancy said...


The museum is very impressive. The garden is closed for renovation right now, but i have been there before and it has many stone sculptures, benches, trees, a little oasis from the city. The interior has a combination of mediums, but also mainly stone sculptures. There are also small models for parks and those are very interesting in my creation of Elation. The other day the stone sculpture with a round indentation and water bubbling up greatly inspired me! Also, there was a firm about him and that too was inspiring.