Thursday, June 26, 2008

Elation - Writing the Proposal

If anyone has more than just a paragraph to respond to what is being written about or if you wish to email for another reason, please send a letter to me at:

Again, in case you haven't read any previous development of the will be constructed of wood and the concept is to avoid falling into the hole of depression -- A slide into the hole is ever present and if you get too close it activates a hinged decline that causes one to slide into the hole. The hole is very comfortable - made of pillows and very cushiony, yet dark. Only one person may experience the hole at a time. The light, music and people are above dancing or walking in a circle. They can aid the person's return to life above or the person may climb out by herself or himself. I will begin to draw some pix of it and try to post here. I have access to a digital camera yet I am new at learning to use this technology.

I would be very interested to connect more with some people who are interested in more of a dialogue about "Elation" or depression itself, one's experience being depressed or seeing others depressed and how you might see this project reflected as art or what is a part of depression in some people.

I am planning to now concentrate this blog to focus more and more on "Elation" the multi-discipline piece for which I am currently writing a proposal for a grant and will continue to write some of my process in developing it.

I have written about it in previous posts on it entitled sometimes "Depress Shun" its original name or Sculpture you can look to see previous entries, if you like.

Please Chris, Kate and Ian...since you have posted and I value your input, I would be greatly interested in any input about this piece ...when you have the time... You have all left such thoughtful and important ideas that have helped me to broaden my thinking. When I review the blog in its entirety, I will list all the entries that refer to "Elation" directly.

Thanks!!! By the way, if you can...please look at the videos. The first cartoon is hysterical, I think. And the dance to rid oneself of depression, also funny. There is a video that shows the brain. I am learning from others as of course should be obvious...that though depression has common points, humans as individuals have different perceptions and coping mechanisms. So...everyone's input is very precious to me as a way to be more aware of the commonalities and the differences. Thanks again. Have a great day!!!

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