Saturday, June 28, 2008

Just Do It!!!

I have so many ideas that I am putting on blinders like a horse that drives the handsome carriages in Central Park. I am concerned about getting distracted from my goal - to write
the proposal and get it out to sculpture parks.

I am not nervous about it...just a bit lacking in discipline. However, this is not the first time to do the uncreative work. We all need to do the nitty gritty, right?

Sometimes organizing too much provokes the perfectionist in me and then nothing is good enough. I start to lose focus and can't complete what I start. Like going through paperwork. Keep? Throw it? Oh...I remember this letter...what do I do with it.

My friend, Kathy tells me she is obsessed with the organizing. She keeps recommending this book I want to pick up..."Clutter's Last Stand". I hate when I have to deal with clutter...but I am like a creator of clutter master. I just let stuff pile up.

When other people excuse their messes and I see their homes...oh boy. I think. Wow! If they think that is bad what will they think of my mess????

Anyway...I know that I don't want to be spending all my time looking for the creative resister to order will have to sit down and listen to the organizer and "JUST DO IT!"


hellophotokitty said...

is this me??
it could be me, right down to the name.


nancy said...


too funny. i guess some of us creative minds dislike structure. i try to make friends with secretary types and learn from them.
liked your post