Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kinesthetic in Visualization

To imagine a rose visually as a mime does, there is a great deal of kinesthetic sense memory employed. I remember the velvey feel of the red rose, the prickliness of its thorns and rough, sticky, bumpy stem. I even smell the dirt and grass that hold it in the ground, the horizontal plane from which it grows.

When these senses create it for me, others see what I see. It is there in my mind and in the reality which I re-create.

What is the effect upon my nervous system? Do I activate the neurons the same as if I am really touching a rose? If I am soothed is my mind and body responding likewise? It seems the answer is "yes". Our mind is a sixth sense. We have great untapped powers and can learn how to harness it.

So...the question then appears...does the flower exist?


Wanderer62 said...

Nancy, what does kinesthetic mean?

Does the flower exist if you create a space for it in your mind and mime the handling of it? I think so. That's what so magical about mime work--making the invisible solid. It makes me wonder about alternate universes, dimensions. Can a mind will another world to exist? I think most of us look too much on the surface logic of things whereas the truth lies deeper.

Makes me also think about the act of constructing a memoir. It's like recreating your memories actually makes the past come alive not only for yourself, but for others. Technically it's not "real" and yet it is also very real, very alive.


dpressedorgettingthere said...


Thanks for posting. The connection between visualization, neurology and mime is fascinating to me. I am writing a memoire of when I studied with Marcel Marceau and the time travel back to the past is so "real" in a way too.

Ian Thal said...

As always, some great observations about mime from the mime's perspective-- though I have come to believe that the "mime brain" is really an "altered state" from how it operates the rest of the time in that it functions differently.

nancy said...


What an interesting statement..."the mime brain as an altered state". You are right.
I wonder what the "mime brain" looks like??? Maybe they should do a study...not kidding..

hellophotokitty said...

I've been reading "unlimited power" by anthony robbins.
He talks a lot about this - and I suggest you pick it up. It's a thick book, but an easy read, and I think you'll enjoy it as much as I do because it talks a lot about what you are experiencing, with helpful tips...

nancy said...


thanks! i will add the anthony robbins book to my list. i am also interested in the book written in the 60's of exploring LSD, Something...Cleary? oops forgot his name.. wrote about hallucinations and the Tibetan Book of the Dead. i studied Buddhism and they look at things differently from Westerners.