Sunday, June 1, 2008

Constant Change

A friend who truly listens and nurtures our true self is like an angel. People are social beings. We need respites...alone time, yet we need others to trust. In order to emerge as the sun does dependably each day, friends help us along in life. True friends may change in many ways over the years and yet, their heart will always be there for you.

Elation, the sculpture piece has been affected by comments of all who have posted on this blog, as well as, emails I have received. I appreciate all ideas and posts, email and information shared with me. I have learned so much from others. Thank you!

I wish the sculpture Elation to invite others to come into a world where the darkness is lessened. The music will be joyous. The material of wood will be soothing. I do believe life is bearable and even beautiful, even though so much seems unbearable. That is the vision.

We need to dream and create so that reality becomes more malleable and we don't just accept the status quo or what we think exists permanently. As my dear, great Uncle Al told me to remember.

"There is nothing so constant as change itself." William James (Henry James' brother, a philosopher)


Wanderer62 said...

I keep bumping up against change all the time. I might just get comfortable with a pattern in my life when something new enters into the scene and I have to readjust. Sometimes this is good and sometimes not so good. But when it is not so good, I just have to wait and something good will return or I will work to make it return. I've often thought that being stuck in one way of being is the ultimate hell. Change is essential like the breath coming in and going out. It makes life complex and challenging and, if you are lucky, joyful.

I hope you had a good day of changes today Nancy.


nancy said...


Thaks for your post Kate. Even your username indicates someone who is seeking. I saw a Norwegian film with English subtitles called REPRISE today. It was about two good friends who are writers and it was very interesting. So...because of this film I am thinking of what we expect from life and then how things unfold to change us and our reality. I know the times I got stuck I was afraid to move forward. Now I am trying to be honest first with myself and keep moving.