Friday, May 30, 2008

Dependent Versus Inter-dependent

I prefer to be inter-dependent. Dependent means a lack of independence. I don't think many want to be dependent upon others all the time. As human beings and animals and nature shows us: the truth is we are all affected by others and our environment.

Granted, we should shun the negativity that some hand us. We must know or learn how to reaffirm our joy, our right to be, to exist and express ourselves. In the video I posted, Max Ernst stated, and I am paraphrasing...that you don't need to be a revolutionary to be revolted. He expected a great deal of freedom at a young age. I did also.

It is our inalienable right as humans to seek and receive freedom. Sometimes, we must demand it, quietly find ways to get our needs met, sometimes put others first. Yet, we do not need to hide from a world that would pre-judge us...not because of our skin color, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or emotionality...

Bob Marley said it well. "Stand up. Get up. Get up for your rights...Don't give up the fight."

Also, sometimes our fight is internal. We fight with ourselves, our demons. Be positive. See your gifts and enjoy them!


Chris B. said...


I enjoy your gifts to the world.


nancy said...


Thank you for such a kind comment.