Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back to the Sculpture Elation(new Ernst videos added Wed night)

I am ready to think of creating Elation. Wood. But...what kind? An architect? The space? It is exciting and this summer I want to start!

I will try to make some strides in researching and making contacts to start the process. I am ready. I must make a blueprint of the structure and work with an architect, I believe.

So...this is my time to investigate wood... I love the smell, feel and touch of wood. I love trees.
I am now in the exploration and research stage of wood.

The surrealists, women especially I think, used trees to show the human form. I have seen some of these works of art and I relate to seeing the branches as limbs. I often see them as striking dancer-like poses.

I want to only use trees that must be cut down or already are felled. The artist I mentioned in an earlier post, Robert Ressler uses trees sent to him that are necessary to cut down due to disease or other circumstances. This is an important point in the use of a natural source of oxygen and beauty that I do not wish to abuse in the making of my piece.


Wanderer62 said...

Nancy, just wanted to say that I wrote this nice long email to you but my email is messing up and it wouldn't go through. I will try to remedy that tomorrow.

Trees are inspiring, no doubt about it. Great choice. Have you carved wood before? I'd like to try that someday. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the process you will go through to create Elation.


nancy said...


Yes. I did work in wood, but mostly clay a long time ago. I am excited about the prospect of carving wood again and on a large scale. I am excited by the challenge.

I am also interested by the surrealists and some of the desert-like paintings that evoke an emptiness-feeling (not a positive kind like in Buddhism) (th lonely depressed kind)... it focuses me on is the distress in nature...the caution of the depletion of natural resources in our environment. The warning!!!


Chris B. said...


I eagerly await Elation.