Monday, May 26, 2008


Yesterday, I went with a friend to a beautiful space: Wavehill. It is a short drive to the Bronx. Beautiful weather, large trees, green grass, an overlook of the Hudson River, every variety of flower, children playing, adults walking and sitting on the Adirondack Chairs.

Wednesday nights over the summer they have dancing barefoot on the grass. Another little paradise.

There is a gallery that always has a show with a theme regarding nature. The one there now is: Sound the Alarm: Landscapes in Distress. Various artists are showing pieces concerned with the environment, global warming, fires, land erosion, loss of water. It could be depressing, but it is a warning. Nature needs our awareness; our help.

I am thinking that this is always true. If we are always aware of ourselves and our environment, we can stay in tune with it. Like when I look around my apartment, it seems to be a reflection of my mind. Our environment is, I think, a reflection of us and our planet. Man/Woman can learn so much by just being aware and not denying what is clearly in front of us.

Sometimes, I fear to be aware, yet it is always a key to understanding and health. Being aware is not judging myself as good or bad. I do not want to be a victim to the elements. Awareness allows me to realize what exists and then I can choose to take action or....not.

I suppose you know by now that I love the Beatles!


Wanderer62 said...

Hi Nancy, Wavehill sounds lovely. The place, a paradise, stands in direct contrast with the art show--Landscapes in Distress and must make a striking point as to what we could all lose if we don't pay attention to taking care of this planet. A few weeks ago I went to the art shows of the graduating seniors of an art school and I noticed that some were definitely expressing their awareness of environmental issues and problems. Think what global warming means to a young person today. They have to be aware in order to reverse the gluttonous trends of those older than themselves.

nancy said...


True. We do need to take care of the earth. A sad and sobering reality caused by a lack of awareness to our environment.

I hope, as some say, it is not so difficult to reverse. Going green trends are hopefully a first step. I suppose those spaces like Wavehill and Grounds For Sculpture are there to remind us of what we can have if mindful: lush, gorgeous spaces to share for peace and health!

We can wish, we can hope and we must act... I believe.
Thanks for reminding me of the seriousness of this. Nancy