Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Can Do Anything? (edited Saturday)

I decided to take on a creative project at work without thinking really in-depth of the time, energy, money, or mapping it out...just because...I wanted to do it. Now it is so much work!!!

I did some positive self-talk. "I know I can handle the responsibilities." "Delegate", I tell myself.
I realize I am not such a good delegator. I feel I have to do it myself or it won't get done, or not to my liking. I need to learn to let go and trust the other person. Let him/her do it and let go of the exact results. I usually don't think of myself as a controlling person. I think I am not used to believing another will put as much care into what I think should be done.

"Hey Jude" is a song I learned that was written for Julian Lennon. He had a difficult relationship with his dad, John Lennon. He was young when his dad became famous and traveled so much and then his dad and mom got divorced. I think I heard that Paul wrote it for him.

Anyway...there is such beauty and innocence in the first video of this little boy who sings so well. He sings of the pain he is not yet aware exists in the world. The two below are, of course, the Beatles. The last is a clip from "Across the Universe", a rock opera by Julie Taymour and by coincidence, for me, some scenes were filmed at the high school where I work. Taymour studied at "Le Coq" a school in Paris, not far from where I had studied, Le Mimmodrame de Marcel Marceau.

If you haven't guessed or don't know his work, Kandinsky's paintings are below the title, "Overwhelmed" which is how I felt when I first saw his beautiful and yet overflowing with different planes of universes within universes.

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