Monday, May 5, 2008

Depress Shun...Peeking from Inside the Hole For A While

I would like people to realize there is a choice. The hole is there. The joy is there. Sometimes we want to go into the hole, because it is like a womb and we want to be protected and hide for a while. The problem is when we allow ourselves to stay there too long.

Being sad at times is part of our human condition it seems. In our lives, we may experience horrible traumas, or abuse, loss of sight, hearing, a loved one, yet, eventually with help we learn to let go and trust life again... we move on. It may take years, but it is to our benefit to learn as soon as we can how to let go of anger and sadness and seek out the joy. The first music video is written by Clapton for his young son who fell accidentally from their apartment building to his death. Probably one of the hardest pains to get over is the loss of a child.

When I hear this song, "Tears in Heaven", I feel a deep hole of sadness, but I feel the deep love also.

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