Friday, March 21, 2008

An Invitation

I would like to invite anyone and everyone who reads this blog to comment on the multi-discipline project I am creating called "DEPRESS SHUN".

If anyone is uncomfortable to post due to anonymity or any other reason...please let me know. I will completely respect your privacy. You may email me instead.

The idea for this blog was to create a space within which dialogue could exist about depression and I am open to various opinions about its causes, treatments, experiences, etc. There is room for varying point views. I welcome professionals in the health field and sufferers and anyone else who is interested to put forth their ideas and feelings.

It is my opinion and experience that healing may occur when an environment of honesty, respect and love are present. I wish this blog to be a "safe haven" for all to express their views, yet always being respectful of others.


Nancy's Blog. email:
WHEN: Any time of day or night you like
WHO: Everyone
WHY: To read. To enjoy. To think. To feel.
To discuss ... depression and its relation to, artists...anyone's life experience or that of another, professional experience, help each other.
HOW: post some more!!! me.

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