Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Dream.....

I dreamt the other night that I was at an airport. There was a woman who was obviously walking is a very imbalanced was obvious that she had some deformity and was walking up an incline. She began to fall backwards and I grabbed her arm and saved her from falling. Due to the fact, that I was in a rush, I brought her over to some security officers who were sitting and chatting amongst themselves. I was very relieved that she was alright and explained to them what happened. I was totally shocked at their response.

One officer said..."Oh...that is not the first time it has happened to her. You know, she is a bit insane." And...he laughed. I saw the woman's face now clearly...she is a co-worker in reality. Her face was so pained and helpless.

My response was silent, though I felt great pain. How could they laugh at her expense and act as if she did not exist? How callous. I remember officer said..." Oh, there is going to be a meeting about her. Maybe you want to attend."

I interpreted this as him NOT doing his job and giving me a responsibility because I seemed to care and he did not. I do care a lot about people in general. I know I am limited in my knowledge and ability and energy to give. However, this dream brought to my consciousness a struggle I deal to accept that everyone is at their own level of understanding...even these security officers who acted so callously.


Futuristics said...

NICE Blog :)

laura said...

This illustrates the importance of fighting the "stigma" of mental illness. "Stigma"-against people with mental illness, and even their loved ones-is a primary obstacle on the road to people getting the help they need.
Let us continue to educate others about mental illness.

It is only then, that stigma begins to change; and, more people will be able to make/have a quality of life which is their birthright.

nancy said...
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nancy said...


Thanks for the compliment!

Hope you will post again.


nancy said...


I understand your comment.
I do think the security officers weren't doing their job. What kind of security were they providing for this woman's safety? Perhaps this woman respresents me or anyone and the security...others who choose to ignore the plight of someone who requires some sort of assistance...physical or emotional..the point being...they don't help.

laura said...

"A community is as strong as its support of its most vulnerable members". L;c.2000 -
An original quotation.

And, if you are a human, chances are that you've needed the assistance of your fellow humans at some point in your life.

Sometimes people, for example, the "security officers", need to be reminded of, "There but for the grace of G-d go I."

Sometimes we have to help other people feel more secure, e.g. "security officers", through education and compassion, so that they can become better humans. Maybe they'll help out next time.

We're all in this together.