Saturday, March 22, 2008

Those Who Once Loved

It is the "meow"
The stiffening of the cat's black tail as it goes
Across snow
In the bright light of a wintry night.

It is the widening
A river of waters
Held back by
The dam of tongue and lips and eyes.

She thought
They had been so entwined
In body, speech and mind.

She thought they could see a single I.

Eye and eye ?
She had thought was one.

The tear was so cutting and so sharp?
As a knife it ripped and tore
Into her neck and heart.

Leaving merely visible thick, red liquidy ink
To write her tale of woe.

All they could see was the bow!
How could they know?
Of all she shed?

They couldn't believe how she tried and tried... ...
To make their love last...

"Just make it the past!"
"He lied! He lied! He lied!" they implied.

He was staying awake avoiding any food to eat.
Hoping for Armageddon.
So depressed was he.

He was part of she.

She was so lost as to what to do.. 2=1?
For she had to accept that one now equaled two. 1+1=2?

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