Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A World of Silence

A world of silence.
It could be.
Being alone....
Not sure...
It could be...
Is being alone a quiet walk in the woods?
Is it walking anonymously through a crowd of people?
Is it the sea?
Not a longing.
A space in which to reflect.
In front of the ocean on the sand.
The waves tumble toward me.
They splash violently.
I hold my ground.
I know I stand far enough on warm protective land...
They can't touch me.
A perfect relationship.


Anonymous said...


I should speak out when they abuse
This pasty-faced artist who decided to choose
Being trapped in silence with make up queer
I may not speak, but I can hear.

The taunts, the insults, and the hate
Towards street performers who refuse the bait
Of ridiculed anger through vulgar gestures
Believing performance is a continuing semester

Of learning to grow within painted smile
Ignore the assholes, concentrate on the child.
Who laughs with joy or open-mouthed wonder
Yet tosses no coins as my stomach thunders

Breaking the silence, begging for bread
My intestinal rumblings plead to be fed
A steady diet of human compassion
Through the clinking of coins in an appreciative reaction

To my ancient art and enduring hunger
Selling myself like a common whoremonger
Hoping to satisfy an insatiable crowd
In tight fitting Spandex, a seductive shroud

Ignoring lewd sneers at my exposed anatomy
That I've twisted and stretched in hopes it would flatter me
As my muscles contort and my body sings
A silent song that once entertained kings

nancy said...

Thanks for writing your very insightful poem.


It is so true. Mimes are not very respected as street performers. I suppose the public feels ridiculed by the mimicry.

Do you know this wonderful French Film..."Les Enfants du Paradis"...with Jean-Louis Barrault? I will try to post the video-blog with the "Pick Pocket" scene.