Tuesday, February 19, 2008



Do you realize your own power? Do you give your power away to others?

I have found that there are people who are used to being in charge. There are others who are used to taking orders, taking advice and tend to not trust too much their own power to decide or choose...they choose to be intimidated.

You had your role growing up in a family or whatever your history was in childhood which formed a kind of belief system. I grew up as a "people pleaser". Please everyone and they won't get angry. I worried that my mom and dad wouldn't get along. Kids think they cause things they don't...like fights between their parents. Arguing a point of view, I think is actually healthy. For some reason, I was very nervous around arguments. My life seemed shook upside down. However, I was known to have my limits...as my sisters and brother remind me...I wasn't just the "good" child...I threw stuff...like forks...really...I guess I stuffed down so much stuff and then would burst and do something like fling a fork...until my mom warned me I could send a sister or my brother to the hospital...so...I started dropping the forks on the ground.

However, I also liked and like still a good argument! I lived in France. (But I am sure growing up in a family with four siblings and fighting was the earlier reason) Living in Paris, France may be another...they argue if something is beautiful or not...like a painting. I couldn't believe when I lived in Paris that people could argue so much over an opinion and then figuratively shake hands and voila! It was all over and everybody had a sporting good time! A young German woman told me this when I studied at Marceau's school....Nancy - You must learn to do as the French do. "What's that", I asked? -- "S'angoler (to argue)....", she answered.

It is important to remember what you want and that you have the power to get it many times. It is also important to remember that...."Power corrupts. And...absolute power corrupts absolutely."


Trudy said...

Well written article.

nancy said...


Wow. What a surprise to get a comment about a post from so long ago. First of all, thank you for posting and I am glad you liked what I wrote. If you have a minute, I am curious how you found my blog.

Hope to hear from you again.