Monday, February 18, 2008

I Am Still Learning

As adults we might often think..."I should know this already. I'll pretend I know."

You won't fool everyone. Why not learn about it now.

Take this blog for instance...I am learning new things every day about technology. is actually fun!!

I may appear childlike to some. I trust in many things and in these areas may share freely. I have learned and think I know what is safe to share. If I don't know ... I may test to see if the person is someone trustable.

How does one decide to trust? An individual process ... I suppose.

Many years ago...I learned from a co-worker this valuable way to scrutinize the reliability of the persons to trust.

"Listen to what someone says...see what s/he does...listen to what someone says...see what s/he does...keep observing... " This is what she said and I found it works for me.

I was told by a another friend Bruce in the past. "Imagine your friendship is all different size presents. Some tiny ones with pretty silver bows...medium-sized ones...huge colorful ones with a large pink ribbon. When you meet someone you give them all the gifts...all your friendship right say...HERE!!!"

"Don't do that!!!" he warned me. "Why not???", I had asked.

"Trust" was his reply. I had given my trust right away. And...I learned by suffering the consequences that he was right.

It is better to be sure of who is in front of you and who may be trusted. The person may not even realize the fact that s/he hurt you.

If one is too anxious to please and give...great disappointment and heartache may follow. aware of your gifts and don't just give them away!

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