Monday, February 11, 2008

Sculpture Project...and just wanting to sleep

Have another possible place to create it...JCAL.

Met yesterday with a writers' group. Others were very supportive and interested by this project. Thought it could be done in the ground. Some ideas were to rethink the title. Melissa didn't agree. A tree becomes stronger with concentric circles was another interesting comment. I need to go to industrial sites do some more research about materials and getting an architect or architectural student involved in this ...

I am exhausted from this week-end and realize how important rest is for peace of mind. I am a bit obsessed with writing this and a fable and imagining it all and work and lots of other stuff.
I also am aware that I like to be outside and talking a lot to a lot of people and now that I have exhausted myself with a swirling of activity...I just want to curl up and sleep for a long time and not have to talk at all.

I will most probably take a nap when I get home. Good nite!!!

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