Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thank Goodness for Volunteers Like Bob and Social Workers Like Rosey

It can be so freeing to remove a "label" in the sense that it is NOT our whole being.

As human beings we are many things. I am a woman, a mother, a teacher, a friend, an actress, a writer, a listener, an American, a Budju (Buddhist/Jewish) follower for my spiritual path. I am writing what I am secure to share.

I do think it is necessary to be discreet and think of to whom we wish to share delicate information. A person may feel comfortable enough and trusting enough to share one's experiences as I now do to help others. This is a choice that must be weighed and thought about, not acted upon emotionally. Sometimes honesty and sincere motivation is met with fear and the result can be devastating. I know from experience. Not everyone wants to talk about this stuff. Not everyone is ready to be honest or to hear your story.

Be independent and ask yourself....Can I say this without expectations? Will I be okay if I am misunderstood? Do I have a strong support system to weather lack of acceptance when I am just sincerely sharing my experience?

Back in history, people with "mental" problems would be locked up in the attic, shunned by the general NORMAL people. How sad.

I realize that some people who suffer from what I will call "emotional challenges" may be dangerous to themselves or others. That is the very reason for hospitalizations. However, the sad reality that I faced when clinically depressed....the doctors came so infrequently...only to individual therapy sessions by doctors or therapists...medication and groups and lots of time to just be left alone.

Thank goodness for volunteers like "Bob" who was compassionate and shared his thoughts and didn't shun us. Thank goodness for social workers like Rosey who ran groups and truly cared beyond what was her job. People in severe emotional challenges can "sniff out" like a dog the falseness. We can pick up when the "paperwork" is more important than us. How sad this fact. If a person suffering is able to be heard and given hope it is sometimes a "miracle". Professionals need to check their way of giving to those suffering.

People are sensitive and can pick up on the caring and the lack of it.


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