Friday, February 1, 2008


R E S P E C T. Aretha Franklin talked about this in her upbeat, rousing song!

Whether a person is rich or poor, sensitive or hard-skinned....we all deserve respect. That is my opinion. Of course self-respect is the most important one.

Society expects us to conform to many rules of behavior and certainly varies according to our culture. I will write of the American culture.

Hillary Clinton cried in public. Does this make her weak??? Is a man strong because he has a deep voice and yells??? Inner strength comes from the mind and awareness. When an individual spurts anger it is usually a secondary emotion. It is not in my estimation a form of strength. However, it makes many of us "JUMP!"

I have realized for a long time and through much reflection -- that anger does not neccessarily warrant action. I have learned to respond and not react to mine and other's anger. I allow my intellect to take time to mull it over. In the past, I would react. I do this less now.

Have you been aware or have you known others who intentionally manipulate by using anger and intimidation? It is rampant in American culture. We have been conditioned to believe "This is true power!" I say, "HA! It isn't!!!" It is a person "out of control" shouting to be heard!!!

Taking a breath. Calming down. Taking a walk. Meditating. Listening to music. If these are options...use them. Many people have difficulty trusting others. It is most important to trust oneself and to be AWARE!

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