Saturday, February 2, 2008

"He's On Your Side!"

Yesterday, I attended a Baptist Church, because a friend's father passed. The minister gave a rousing sermon about G-d being on our side. I am not Baptist. I am not Christian. I am open to accept others to believe as they will as long as their belief doesn't include trying to hurt another human being.

Whether you believe in G-d or not...this minister could stir you! He was full of conviction! From the top of his head to his fingertips. His voice bellowed and softened as he transmitted the "LOVE" of the Lord to be "On Your Side!"

The sermon's message was that each of us has our own precious life and if we want G-d's help, he is always there. The warning was to follow G-d's commandments -- the divine rules!!

Connection -- If a person believes as strongly as this minister in herself/himself, he or she will move mountains. His honesty poured from his being. His impassioned words left his lips and entered the minds and hearts of the human beings sitting. You could NOT not listen!

I thought of the quiet, ho-hum houses of worship I have visited. Other funerals. Never was one like this. The only comparison was a show on Broadway that was called "Purlie Victorious". It starts out with a Hymn -- very sedate and then -- a rousing "Walk Him Up the Stairs" in which the coffin of the dead man is being carried and sung to be taken by Heaven.

Minister Johnny definitely "walked my friend's father up the stairs" and touched all of us to the very core!


Chris said...

Hey Nancy,

I saw Purlie Victorious off Broadway in the 1990s, don't remember it, however I'm sure I was moved.

If the church would have me, I'd be a priest. Maybe I'll study to be an Interfaith minister when I'm in my 60s or 70s.

Faith makes the world go round, and all kinds of faith make the world.

By the way, could you tell me why a lot of people use the hyphen instead of the "o" when they write the word "G-d?" Is there some reason "God" isn't seen as a generic term itself?

I always wondered that.


nancy said...

Hi Chris,

I agree that faith helps make the world go around.

You know, to be honest, I am not totally sure about the G-d with the hyphen thing. I did it because my sister has a boyfriend who professed to being atheist. However, I think it is really because the ineffable, nameless cannot really be named. The Hassidic jews use the name "Hashem" which translates to "The Name". Good question! I'll ask around. Mireya may know.

all the best,