Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sculpture Project Thoughts

I am now interested in stone as the material for the sculpture...I am picturing a pothole-cover to protect against the elements.

I think I'll go to P.S. 1 today. I am getting very excited as I begin to see it more and more clearly in my mind's eye. It is interesting ... this creation stage feels so freeing.............................

I am also motivated to go to industrial sites to see large structures that will help me further in visualizing this depression sculpture. I have a strong intuition that many people may have an aversion to going down into a sculpture...I am still wondering if I should do it above-ground simulating the undergroundness??? Any comments anyone?????

I need to find out more about materials and the "how-to" from others. I want to focus now on the structuring of it and logistics in terms of written material and drawings/paintings I have. I am cleaning up my room today and will gather together everything ... maybe in a big box.

I am rather new to blogging and I want if anyone is blocked from responding here directly or if there are restrictions, please let me know on my email:

Thanks. Have a nice day.

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