Wednesday, January 30, 2008


A new friend who is a writer suggested I write about my accomplishments, not only about depression. She is right. It is important to know that there is another way to be...joyful.

I listen to so much music now. Beatle songs and Norah Jones mostly right now. The film "Across the Universe" is a rock opera with Beatle songs yet not sung by the Beatles...what a beautiful film. Music changes the frequency. Stops me from ruminating over something negative -- I used to do this ALOT!! Now, if I catch my thoughts being too negative I switch to some music, if I can or close my eyes for a moment and just relax and breathe.

Meditation is healing also. I slacked off on it a bit, but I am starting again to meditate in the mornings and before I go to sleep. It frames my days.

Writing is healing. When you write fiction you can control THAT WORLD. So all the frustrations and angers I have in the "real world" I have the ability to include in my "make-believe world". I don't have to be frustrated that so and so can't understand such and such. I just incorporate it into a piece of writing and...presto I can still express my thoughts and feelings.

I am probably the happiest I've ever been in my life. I suppose it is because of life experience and that I know more what I need to be happy.

I am not afraid of having a major episode of depression again. I believe I would know the signs that have led me before and know how to transform them. I have some wonderful supports systems that I didn't before.


Darlene said...

A note just to say hello. I saw your Dpressed as a link on another blog and knew I had to visit.

It's hard not to write paragraph after paragraph here...I did but I deleted them LOL.

I'm off to read more of your posts.
Have a great day and God bless!

nancy said...


Hi! Thanks for visiting.

Go ahead please write more! I'd love to hear from you again. If it is long, you could email me at:

Have a great day also!