Monday, January 28, 2008

Who Am I to Judge?

My left hand is freezing, because of the residual effects of the mini-stroke I had in February 2004. That's depressing. My balance is off and I gained weight. That's depressing too.
My left hand feels cold all the time except when I block it out. I could take meds but why? To have the illusion that it is okay when it's not. I am back in rehab to work on my balance and I am making efforts to lose weight also.

I realize we all lose some faculties -- we once didn't have to deal with this stuff and now it is an adjustment. We can get depressed. Why not? Afterall, it is hard to accept things or stuff right away. We are allowed to complain a little. Right? For how long? How long before it eats away at our health? Our joy? How long before we become bitter and it crytalizes into a habit?

I went to a meeting today and saw a nice woman I hadn't seen for a while. I was talking about doing exercises and rehab to improve and try to help recover. She went into a tirade about what I was saying being "A bunch of crap!!!" I was a bit taken aback. Then the friend reminded me she had just lost her mother. Oooops!!!

We all have our burdens and our pains. If I haven't walked a mile in someone's "moccasins" who am I to know better? Who am I to judge?

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